Level up your life with the Level Ten Life System


If you are unfamiliar with Hal Elrod and his Level Ten Life method, the basic premise is to evaluate ten main areas of your life: your relationship, friends and family, personal development, career, finances, recreation, contribution and giving, environment, spirituality, and wellness. Whew, those are a lot of areas to focus on. It can be a bit overwhelming when you think about it. The idea is to evaluate each area on a scale of one to ten; each level representing your satisfaction towards that area in your life. For me, the area I am most satisfied with is with my relationship with my husband which is at a seven.

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You are not going to be at a level ten for everything. You may only reach a level ten for three, or even one area. The goal is not to max out on each level, but to level up on areas that need the most attention; those that really matter to you and will make you the happiest. This is intentional living at its core. Although I have flip flopped throughout practicing this method, I have realized over this past year that I am at my best when I choose a focus; not just a single goal, but a focus where I can set multiple goals to reach my ideal level and satisfaction. I try to be intentional in my life; with what choices I make, goals I try to reach, and responsibilities and projects I take on.

Hal Elrod recognizes our desires, our ability to focus, maintain organization in our life, but to also fall off the bandwagon every now and then. This creative method gives you space to grow, fall off a little, then really bloom. We may not be successful the first month; hell, it may take years. That’s the beauty of this. It is all about our needs. What do we need to be happy? Will we reach our dreams? It’s in our hands.


As a planner, we are often working towards something. Whether it is being more organized day to day, balancing multiple jobs and family responsibilities, or reaching a lifelong dream. You are never a planner just to be a planner. At least, not for me; and, I think not for a lot of us. Yes, there are stickers and embellishments we use to make our planners and Bullet Journals look pretty. We draw, share, and post. But, the truth is we want more out of our lives. Is this just me? Creating a level ten life can change your life because you are deciding to. I can’t, nor can Elrod, make you change anything in your life. However, if you decide to evaluate your life based on this system, the craving for change is inevitable. Take that chance--do it! Start living the life you want, but didn’t know where to start. With the Level Ten Life plan, you have a map and guide. You can judge what areas you are lacking in; and, what areas you are prospering in.

Sometimes, setting up the goals and steps can be tricky. I’ll be honest, setting up is quite time consuming. From creating the level ten chart, analyzing your life, writing down goals for each area, and making an action plan takes a lot of thought and deep concentration. I know I got overwhelmed by all the three and fours on my chart. I didn’t realize how much was lacking in my life. I just wasn’t satisfied in most areas. Really looking at that put things in perspective for me. It can be a bit scary to see the truth; especially when it comes to our happiness. Despite the massive overwhelm, this life changing method is ideal for people who want to improve their life: specifically areas in which are often overlooked. We all have goals and dreams--or at least we should.


Inspired by Kara at Boho Berry, last year I took the time to think of ten goals per area. I remember setting everything up and being so excited. Unfortunately, my life drastically changed, I lost focus, and struggled to remember a single focus I had. Life happens. To pick yourself back, reevaluate. When I first learned about Hal Elrod and the Level Ten Life, I had this image of achieving my goals so much faster that I created goals that were bigger, loftier, and sometimes unrealistic just to have something to put down in each area. I didn’t choose a focus; nor, did I really set goals I wanted to achieve here and now. Yes, you will want to add some five year goals, but if those take up the majority of each section you are going to want to figure out how to break them down into smaller, realistic goals that will be the stepping stone. I say this because although I want to save $100,000 a year, I did not say how much per year or when I would start; nor, did I think about what I could realistically contribute on a consistent basis.

One tip I highly recommend using when first setting up is limiting your goals per area to three. One five year goal, one one year goal, and one short term goal. By doing this, you are hitting each type of goal. By adding a short term goal, you can get closer to where you ultimately want to be. So, pick a focus and choose your goals. You get to decide where you want your life to go. Please, don’t be like me trying to add so many ambitious goals for the sake of having goals. Be your own person--aware, willing, and ready to improve your life one focus at a time.


I truly believe in rewarding yourself for progress. Kara posted a picture on Instagram that was of an activities rewards tracker. If you have never given yourself a pat on the back, said “I’m awesome”, or treated yourself to something high on your wish list for a very good deed, then you are missing out. I was one of those people who just did. There was no reward; and, certainly no incentive.

For me, personally, I have tweaked Kara’s idea a bit. You need to make everything suit your own needs first and foremost. Although I initially set up certain reward goals, I decided that the money I “earn”, or really save towards buying something I have wanted, is going to be accumulated and spent on a per needed basis; meaning if I rather spend $25 on planner goodies, but reached the tier for something else, I can just swap and adjust. Truthfully, it took me some time to get to where I could have the system work for my needs. Honestly, I change my mind so much, that setting specific rewards and not just dollar amounts was too much pressure. I redid my chart three times! As I always say, you do you. If creating a chart for specific wants, then go for it. But, if you rather save money and spend when you feel like it, go for it! Don’t let me stop you.


You picked your focus, reached some goals, and the quarter is over just like that. Now, what? I am a huge fan of quarterly check ins. I believe the only way to see your progress throughout the year is to analyze it in 90 day chunks. If you wait until the end of the year, you see your realistic progress, just a final number. It’s important to see where your focus has been, if you have actually been concentrating on that, and if you need to switch gears. We all need check ins--just as much as we need regular health check ups. If you don’t check in, how will you know if something is amiss?


There you have it. This may not be the answer to success. There are no secrets, no hidden ways people achieve the impossible. It’s all about focus, putting in the work, and staying true to yourself. I’ll admit I have lost my way countless times. I may still lose myself many times more. But, what you have here is a system that promotes growth, success, and being happy with your life. We are all searching and searching. By evaluating the most common ten areas of your life, there is a sense of determination that can become your driving force for a better life. For me, I have chosen my focus, reached rewards, and have become more motivated to reach one more level. Oh, but I believe--no, I know--that I will be where I want to be. The journey is never easy; but by setting a system such as this in place it’s amazing what you can do.

Let me know in the comments if you use the Level Ten Life method. Or, if you want to!

Remember, it’s all about planning one night at a time.